Christmas Day/Secrect Yard,Fobek HOF Los Angeles,CA.

IMG_0532IMG_0439IMG_0457IMG_0513IMG_0515IMG_0517fIMG_05205IMG_0526Lonely city,paint and hot wings..this is what we do..



IMG_0427Automotive way of life.Its always a positive vibe when you bring together car enthusiast’s, food,music and gifts. And all of it for a good cause.IMG_04019K meet’s have been bringing out a big audiance and a variety of cars.From Domestic V8’s

IMG_0395 To Japanese monsters.

IMG_0398To Bavarian Machinery.IMG_0389To that new school Flavor.IMG_0392Quality was present left and right.Plenty of clubs came out to represent.
IMG_0390A proper Kouki S14,pushing the TAILORED name and look.
IMG_03889K brought out some of they’re top builds,in the flesh BNR34 Nur edition.

IMG_0429Even though it was lightly sprinkling,The turn out was great,quality builds and good vibes.


Formula Drift Hurricaine Sandy Relief Fundraiser

IMG_0364mUssualy Thursday night’s is drag strip night at Irwindale Speedway,This past week was a real treat,Some of Formula Drift’s Pro competitors were sliding around in the big lonely oval giving some lucky fan a once in a life time ride along.All of this was hosted by FD in order to raise funds for a relief effort for damage caused by Hurricaine Sandy.Ride along’s were sold along with raffle tickets,Some of those ticket holders were lucky enough to win a brake package from EBC brakes, Some were really lucky and won a set of wheels and tires from Dai Yoshihara’s new wheel line. Dai and JTP were on hand to provide kick ass runs for the ride along’s.

IMG_0259Along with the Falken team was CX Racing  sponsored driver Mauricio Ornelas,His Kouki S14 was sounding  beastly and doing a damn good job laying down some serious runs.

IMG_0290Odi bachkis going back in for another run with a lucky fan.

IMG_0265Heres Kyle Mohan coming ” HOT” after a quick run.Over all this event was sucesfull and raised alot of money for a good cause..

Lazy sunday.

IMG_0005I haven’t shot any photos of my S14 since last year,so I decided to take a little drive and shoot at a location I’ve had in mind,here is what I captured.Enjoy,thank you all for you’re support.



Rainy nights @9K Racing compound

IMG_0165Recently 9K Racing has been hosting small events at their warehouse compound,every time I attend they seem to get bigger and better.IMG_0177Local clubs have been attending and putting on a good show for the crowd.Clubs such as My House Drift,Paisa Drift,Chasing Status and Sparkle Garage were in attendance.  IMG_0179This events have been a refreshing reminder to why I have fallen in love with Drifting culture.IMG_0181There is a variety styles when it comes to drifting.Each unique in its own.Some styles stick close to the roots from which they were molded,evolved and triumphed .Take this 2tone coupe as and example of Nissan’s prime. sfsdfsdThe sport of drifting is probably the most fun you can have in a turbo charged,rear wheel drive Japanese machine on a rainy California night.

Local car meet.

Im not too fond of local car meets,usually they’re saturated by hondas and front wheel drive  cars,when I do attend meets like this.i try to find the ones that stand out the most,this is what i found,for example this GS on SSR’s, the VIP and street style melting together so goood!  The muscle scene wasn’t that much represented but the few that i found where worth a snap or two.Buggies were out in full force,some stock and some with a little bit of stance.This one caught my eye for some reason..kind of interesting don’t you think.Like i said before I’m a sucker for zenkis, those Z33 wheels fit this S14very nice.One of the best and most modified cars of the night was this NSX by It’s JDM Yo!Being a Nissan enthusiast this was the first car that caught my eye.this S14.5 was not only looking mean,but it was pushing an RB26 under the hood.Ill leave off with this S13 repping Paisa Drift…

PCH cruise in the Stang

This has been a project that my boy Rob has been working on for quite a few years now,slowly but surely its been making a lot of progress.It just recently went trough its third makeover,a new show room black paint job,an over sized bonnet hood and bumper with a sweet lip it has it sitting roughly a few inches from the ground up front.Sitting on some wider  Billet style wheels and, a new Borla exhaust system.the notes it produces are surely ear pleasing. The black on black on black look has this new gen mustang looking stealthy and mean. The new additions to the stang have definetly made a neck breaker.hope you guys enjoyed the photos.