End of an era/Crewest Los Angeles,CA

IMG_0448IMG_0460 IMG_0486IMG_0477Last nite after having dinner I passed by the Crewest gallery,unfortunately the well respected Street Art/Graffiti gallery is closing down its doors.It sadden’s me that after 10 strong year’s it has come to an end.Walking aimelessly in the  empty gallery, made me realize how important and influential the efforts of ManOne were and are to the development of street art in Los Angeles. Crewest gave an opportunity to local and foreign artist’s wanting to display there art work,Back in 2008 I had the chance to display some of my photography work in a group show dubbed “Fotograff” and was lucky enough to have one of my photos grace the cover of the flyer.I’am honored to have been a part of the history this gallery holds and I feel privileged to have met so many unique,creative individuals trough my experience here..I want to give much respect to ManOne for creating and sharing a unique venue like this,and also to Vyal for calling on me to be part of that group show back in 08..I will miss this place….Rest in peace Crewest gallery.



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