Local car meet.

Im not too fond of local car meets,usually they’re saturated by hondas and front wheel drive  cars,when I do attend meets like this.i try to find the ones that stand out the most,this is what i found,for example this GS on SSR’s, the VIP and street style melting together so goood!  The muscle scene wasn’t that much represented but the few that i found where worth a snap or two.Buggies were out in full force,some stock and some with a little bit of stance.This one caught my eye for some reason..kind of interesting don’t you think.Like i said before I’m a sucker for zenkis, those Z33 wheels fit this S14very nice.One of the best and most modified cars of the night was this NSX by It’s JDM Yo!Being a Nissan enthusiast this was the first car that caught my eye.this S14.5 was not only looking mean,but it was pushing an RB26 under the hood.Ill leave off with this S13 repping Paisa Drift…


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