Formula Drift Rd.7 Irwindale Pt.2

Attending a professional drift event sometimes the parking lot is almost as good as the show inside,This slammed daily driven 240sx coupe is a perfect example.Now back to you’re regularly schedule program.Dai Yoshihara running some practice runs before the start of top 32.Ken Gushi navigating the first FD season for the Scion FRS.The RS*R S15 giving the FRS a run for its money.Trough out the whole day Matt Field was laying down some good runs.Justin Pawlak defintely a force to be reckoned with.So close to the action you feel the rush,the force coming down,you get lost in a cloud of smoke and you feel all the rubbery bits of tires these monsters leave behind as they slide a few feet from me.Ryan Tuerck and Ryan Kado battling for they’re place in top 16.Kado came with intention’s of getting a win,unfortunately he was knocked out by Tuerck.Both of these LS powered Beast’s were after one thing.In the end Matt Powers came out on top.Some unfortunately went too hard and knocked them self’s out of the competition.Matt Field up against first time FD rookie Daigo Saito was one of the most intense battles of the night.Daigo knocked out Field and went up against Millen.Millen had an argument with the House of Drift wall,and knocked himself out the run.Pawlak  was nothing but a blur of smoke coming close to the top 4  runs.In the end,Daigo and Pawlak went head to head for 1st place.Daigo came out on top taking 1st place for the 2012 Formula Drift season,not bad for his rookie year,its an amazing thing watching drivers and they’re team’s earning what they have been working so hard for all year round,Congrats to Daigo Saito the new FD champion.Now whose ready for the new season see you all there,peace.



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