Formula Drift Rd.7 Irwindale Pt.1

Arriving to Irwindale for the first time,Attending and shooting such an even as FD is something surreal,All around you hear the roar of V8 and turbo powered engines sliding by.Walking on to the makeshift paddock,right on the track,You’re greeted by all the cars known to slay some tires,the atmosphere is relaxed but at the same time you feel the excitement that surrounds the whole place.You come across some of the top contender’s and some of the underdog’s,drifting is a high adrenaline powered motor sport,You’ll never know who will end up on top.You feel a sense of comroderie  between the drivers and fans.Drifting seem’s to be the only motor with this type of environment.You can walk up and strike up a conversation with the drivers on the specifics of their vehicles,style,or even the weather.Fomula D since starting Ten years ago,Has brought a big following and a unique culture to North America,its a melting pot of  power and styles.You have local’s and some from as far as Norway who have paid they’r dues and gained they’re standing in a such a vibrant and growing sport. Since this is a sport for the people by the people,there’s many independent drivers who have and continue to give they’re all and put they’re own fund’s,sweat and tear’s into it,But of course gaining some sponsors along the way.Take this Silvia for example,belonging to Rolland Gallagher,being a purist to the Nissan roots,This car is powered by an SR20 power plant.And then the’yr are those damn good drivers who are lucky enough to have full backing from major corporations.Rumors are that Hyundai will be scrapping they’re racing program,Its kinda  sad seeing since how Rhys “Mad Skills” Millen took the win at Pike’s Peak Hill Climb in this Genisis,Knocking out his own father for the shortest time and longest standing record at the yearly event.Hearing these beast’s come alive and seeing them put all that power to the floor makes you feel so lucky to be able to experience such devotion and skills that these drivers bring to the table.Your hear ’em coming,you see the lights,but in a second,the’yr a blur and clouds of smoke.During practice,there’s car’s lined up awaiting they’re turn for there run and a chance to show everyone exactly what they are made of.They come in with speed,angle and style,Some gracefully make they’re way around the track like its butter.Some have a little love tap with that unforgiveable House of Drift wall,This does it for my first part of the 2 day event,I’ll be back with more coverage from the main event.


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