Japanese Classic Car Show

Walking into JCCS for the first time is something i have never experienced before.there so many iconic japense sheet metal laying around.i didn’t know where to start and it doesnt hit you till you done a lap around the whole show and gone up and down the aisles of modified and restored machines on just  how important and influential to car culture in CA this show really is.as soon as you walk in your greeted by the very familiar and wide lines of this immaculate Datsun S30.then blind sided by a  purposely built zombie looking S30,which was pretty much on point.

down the way this  Z31 sat there looking sinister with that awesome head light setup.

then you stumble onto Toyota’s brothers in speed.and in the heart of it all the holy grail of the Nissan heritage.the Hakosuka, japanese machinery refined.
around the way the rare Toyota supra/celica,looking just right.
walking the asle’s i came across this modestly modified S30,some cars are just timeless.
then along the way i came across this levin AE86  in all its modified glory.this was one of my favorite 86’s,so simple and straight to it!i remember sitting in this exact car when i  was 7 years old,this is what started my japanese sport car obsession.domesticated vintage japanese,S30 roadster.

this Hilux goes to prove how devoted some people are to there japanese cars. ill leave off with another immaculate S30,ill be back with more photos.


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