IMG_0337 IMG_040882222222222886ELOPEZBLOGThis weekend I got to hang out with some new friends and got to carve some canyon’s. Days like this make me appriciate this city more and the journey’s it takes me on..


Morning street session with MYHOUSEDRIFT

MHD2 050Along this journey of being a car enthusiast,drift fan and photographer,I have crossed alot of cool talented people, MYHOUSEDRIFT team drivers Vince and Moe are some of those cool talented people.Myself along with a fellow #STNDRFT photographer and team memebr had the chance to hang out on a chilly Down Town Los Angeles morning and got to catch some cool photos to showcase some of the talents of these local grass roots driver’s.

MHDMHD1 115MHD2 044IG2UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMHD2 043MHD2 073 MHD2 068The S13 coupe And Z33 are built with one purpose…MHD1 244MHD2 088MHD1 243MHD2 092MHD1 252And that purpose is put to good use.MHD2 064MHD2 006MHD1 035MHD2 012MHD1 045MHD2 024MHD1 046And in a cloud of smoke over Los angeles,we are off.


STNDoffical Street,Track,Night,Day

IMG_0906I will be working on some new projects with an upcoming brand.We had a meeting  today atop a mountain in Azusa. IMG_0848I had a good time driving up and down this mountain.I had the chance to hangout with some cool friends and I was able to capture some good shots..Adam’s Sil80 is on point!IMG_0704As we made our way to the top of the mountain.We stopped along the way to check out the off roading goin on at the base of the mountain.IMG_0937Luis’s coupe is showing alot of potential.IMG_0799Along with Abe’s Z33.Image14I cant wait to get into full throtlle providing media for the upcoming brand..

RoyalOriginXLowBallers Japan

IMG_0588 Tonight Royal Origin hosted an imprompt meet in honor of Low Ballers Japan arriving in the US.IMG_0598For a  last minute gathering,Alot of quality build showed up.IMG_0681As usual S-Chassis was well represented.IMG_0605This Soarer was definetly on point.IMG_0621Green and Mean!!!IMG_0668The turn out tonite was really good,the smell of fresh donuts in the air,and quality rides.cant go wrong…

Random Canyon Run

IMG_0545 IMG_0539 Its such a good feeling to drive around the cars we love with people we like…

Cold nights w cool friends..

IMG_0494 IMG_051h5 IMG_0522Just some random photos of our cars…enjoy



End of an era/Crewest Los Angeles,CA

IMG_0448IMG_0460 IMG_0486IMG_0477Last nite after having dinner I passed by the Crewest gallery,unfortunately the well respected Street Art/Graffiti gallery is closing down its doors.It sadden’s me that after 10 strong year’s it has come to an end.Walking aimelessly in the  empty gallery, made me realize how important and influential the efforts of ManOne were and are to the development of street art in Los Angeles. Crewest gave an opportunity to local and foreign artist’s wanting to display there art work,Back in 2008 I had the chance to display some of my photography work in a group show dubbed “Fotograff” and was lucky enough to have one of my photos grace the cover of the flyer.I’am honored to have been a part of the history this gallery holds and I feel privileged to have met so many unique,creative individuals trough my experience here..I want to give much respect to ManOne for creating and sharing a unique venue like this,and also to Vyal for calling on me to be part of that group show back in 08..I will miss this place….Rest in peace Crewest gallery.